Duplicurver (Maxscript tool)

Mohsen GH
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Duplicurver is a game-changing Maxscript tool that brings the power and versatility of ZBrush's IMM (Insert Multi Mesh) Curve brush directly to Autodesk 3ds Max. This tool serves as a highly beneficial asset for artists and 3D professionals, allowing them to replicate and deform meshes along a path with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

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Key Features:

  1. Intelligent Cloning: Users can select a mesh from the scene, determine the number of clones to be created, and even adjust the overall offset between them. This feature allows for precise duplication and arrangement of mesh objects for a variety of creative purposes.
  2. Seamless Welding: Duplicurver simplifies the workflow by offering an option to automatically weld the edges of the clones. This feature ensures smooth and seamless connections between the duplicated meshes, saving valuable production time and effort.
  3. Dynamic Thickness Control: The intuitive CurveController rollout empowers users to control the thickness of the clones along the path. By manipulating a curve, users can easily adjust the thickness distribution, giving a visually appealing three-dimensional effect to their creations.
  4. Flexible Rotation and Twist: With Duplicurver, users have the freedom to apply custom rotation and twist along the chosen path. This feature enables the creation of complex and visually engaging meshes, adding a new level of creativity to your projects.
  5. Orientation Customization: The tool allows users to manually adjust the orientation of the selected mesh along the X, Y, and Z axes before applying cloning and deformation. This feature provides precise control over the orientation of the clones, ensuring the desired aesthetic result.
  6. Interactive Real-Time Editing: All parameters are fully interactive and can be adjusted in real-time, providing users with immediate feedback. This live editing feature allows for quick iterations and fine-tuning, resulting in a more efficient and seamless workflow.

Duplicurver is perfect for artists, designers, and 3D professionals seeking to streamline their mesh cloning and deformation processes while maintaining creative control. By combining ease-of-use, flexibility, and interactive editing capabilities, this tool unlocks endless possibilities for your 3D projects.

Duplicurver stands as the ultimate solution for artists seeking to expand their creative horizons within Autodesk 3ds Max. It bridges the gap between ZBrush and 3ds Max, bringing ZBrush's beloved IMM curve brush functionality directly into the 3ds Max environment. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow that maximizes artistic freedom and productivity.

  • note: picked line should be line shape or editable Spline
  • for installation: menu> scripting> run script : Duplicurver.ms
  • then go to customize> customize user interface> toolbars > category MGH3D> drag Duplicurver to your toolbar
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Duplicurver (Maxscript tool)

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